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Nine out of ten LGBT kids say they've heard negative messages about who they are. This has a devastating effect on their well-being and their performance at school. But students like Imani and Ilayha are fighting back by speaking out.

All kids should have access to a learning environment that is S.A.F.E.—Safe and Affirming For Everyone—but far too many don’t. LGBTQ youth are more than two-times as likely as non-LGBTQ youth to say they have been verbally harassed at school, and twice as likely to report being physically assaulted, kicked, or shoved. Worse yet, LGBTQ youth are more likely than their peers to report that they do not have an adult they can talk to about personal problems.

At Teach For America, our students are our pride. And we know that kids don’t learn when they’re hurting If you agree that all kids should feel safe to be themselves at school, speak up by signing and sharing our pledge. With your signature we can help break down the walls of hate.

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I believe all kids deserve S.A.F.E and bully-free classrooms.


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